Department of Transfusion Medicine ( Blood Centre) , MVR Cancer centre and Research Institute is being developed as Centre of Excellence, not just addressing the needs of the mother hospital but also reaching out to the community in the nearby geographical area, with safety , reliability and rationality  being our pillars. Since we attained our blood bank licence on April 2018, we have travelled a long distance in a very short span of time.

             We try to maximise voluntary blood donation by alligning with local blood donor organisations, educational institutions, religious organisations, political parties and NGOs. We are regularly conducting camps , both inhouse and field .We strive to provide the best donor experience to the donors thereby transforming donors into repeat regular voluntary donors.We have been working as a 100% blood component facility. We are regularly providing pRBCs, random donor platelets , fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitates on a regular basis. When needed we are providing processed and tailored components as required by the patient , namely leukofiltered , irradiated, reconstituted, washed and aliquoted blood components. We have a fully functional apheresis facility and we sustain our SDP collection on regular repeat voluntary blood donors . We perform enhanced chemiluminescence for Transfusion Transmissible Infection (HIV , Hep B, Hep C) detection to maximise donor safety. Basic and advanced immunohematology workup is being performed in our facility and we use Column Agglutination Technology for immunohematology  workup.

           Quality assurance is considered as a priority and we strictly adhere to the requirements. Standard operating procedures are strictly followed , participation in EQAS, regular Hospital Transfusion Committee Meetings, regular audits , staff training and proficiency testing are quiet a few of them.

                We regularly interact with the society to understand the requirements of the nearby hospitals and patients in the surrounding areas ,to encourage donor recruiters and students and to imbibe the idea voluntary blood donation in them.We plan to develop ourselves as a training centre for dispersing knowledge in the field of transfusion medicine for clinicians ,blood bank medical officers, laboratory technicians, nurses and donor recruiters. We are proponents of quality through centralisation of blood transfusion services , thereby we  are developing storage centres in hospitals and clinics in our vicinity. We do support other hospitals in developing their capability in transport , storage and transfusion of blood components.


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CP 13/516 B, C, Vellalasseri NIT(Via), Poolacode, Kozhikode, Kerala - 673601