Speech & Swallow Clinic

The Speech-swallow clinic is composed of:

  • A multidisciplinary team committed to the diagnosis, research, and treatment of patients with swallowing disorders.
  •  Comprehensive and sophisticated facilities to help patients with swallowing difficulties.
  •  A clinic for evaluating and treating patients

The Clinic offers a range of diagnostic procedures to determine the cause of swallowing problems. Tests depend on each patient-specific problem and on the results of a comprehensive interview and examination.

The evaluation may include:

  •    Detailed subjective evaluation of swallowing for all patients reporting to the dysphagia clinic complaining swallowing difficulty.
  •    Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES) to assess the laryngeal function when the patient is swallowing.
  •     Rigid endoscopy to assess laryngeal structure and function.
  •   Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Study (VFSS) assess the motor function of the upper digestive tract.
  •      Bedside swallowing evaluation for all admitted patients having difficulty in swallowing.

Rehabilitation may include:

  •      Swallowing therapy for all clients requiring rehabilitation of swallowing which includes.
  •      Rehabilitative swallowing therapy techniques like oromotor exercise, thermal stimulation, diet modifications, postural correction, shaker exercises.
  •    Compensatory swallowing therapy techniques like swallowing maneuvers, swallowing postures, prosthetic management, medical and surgical management.
  •      Progress monitoring and follow up sessions when required.  
  •     Voice rehabilitation for post laryngectomy patients 
 Indication for referral include:

  •     Head & neck cancer patients
  •     Stroke patients
  •     Neurosurgery patients
  •     Progressive neurological disease
  •     Tracheostomised patients
  •     Nutritional concerns
  •     Gastro-esophageal reflux/vomiting
  •     Naso-gastric  or gastrostomy problems
  •     Swallowing in coordination
  •     Chronic lung disease
  •     Recurrent aspiration and chest infections
  •     Associated osteoporosis
  •     Post head injury chest infections
  •     Sensory deficit abnormalities
  •     Swallowing disorders for liquids and /or solids

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