The Department of Clinical Biochemistry caters primarily to the growing patient population of MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute. Our motto is to provide Quality Assured Investigations for every patient and every test offered.

Diagnostic Laboratory

The 24-hour diagnostic lab of Clinical Biochemistry is equipped with state-of-the-art fully automated two Clinical Chemistry Analysers (Beckman Coulter AU 480) for routine biochemical investigations as well as Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, and Immunoassay system (Access 2, Beckman Coulter) utilizing the Chemiluminescence method to measure hormones and tumor markers,  automated Serum Protein Electrophoresis units (Serbia) for specialized investigations, Protein Chemistry Analyzer (IMAGE 800, Beckman Coulter) for Immunoglobulin assay, an Immunofluorescence analyzer (i Chroma II) for hormones and vitamins assay, an ELISA system and an ABG analyzer solely for Intensive Care Unit samples.

The lab is connected to the hospital network using the Laboratory Information System (LIS). Test reports generated are authorised by an experienced Consultant and send to the Physician, whereby it can be accessed online. 

Quality Management Process

The Lab performs Internal Quality Control every day using third party control materials for all parameters and has fared exceptionally well in Proficiency Testing to date.

We have a team consisting of a motivated group of Technologists who are trained to process every sample received with utmost diligence.

Apart from Practical Training, they are taught and assessed regularly for theoretical knowledge on Laboratory Medicine, with a special focus on Total Quality Management.



Technologists are also encouraged to formulate and perform clinically relevant Research within the capacity of the Lab and Institution. 

Our work is oriented towards offering Quality Assured results for patients and developing and maintaining a Research aptitude to serve as a unique platform for producing exceptional publications in the field of Oncology. 

Academic Activities

The Department conducts Theory and Practical exams with viva voce on a regular basis under the name of Competency Evaluation Examinations for Laboratory Technicians. We host Internship and Observership Programs for students from Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biochemistry and BSc MLT streams from across the State. We have trained more than 12 Interns from various disciplines to date.

Training Sessions

Special Training sessions are conducted for Technologists, Phlebotomists, and Nursing Staff at regular intervals. These sessions cover topics on Safe Blood Collection Practices, Biomedical Waste Management, Interpretation of Graph in Protein Electrophoresis, and Troubleshooting of Chemistry Analysers and Immunoassay machines. We have completed a total of 17 Special Training sessions so far. 


Ongoing Projects

  •  A Longitudinal Study on Clinical Adverse Drug Reaction and Genotype Profile of Patients on Immunotherapy/Chemotherapy
  • Comparison between Chemiluminescence Immunoassay and PSA Semi-Quantitative Rapid Test Method for Serum Prostate-Specific Antigen Assay
  • Hypouremia in a Subset of the patient population with Oncological Malignancies.


Completed Student Projects

  • Evaluation of external molecules/drugs in patients requesting for laboratory testing in Clinical Biochemistry
  • A Review of all interfering substances in Clinical Chemistry
  • Influence of Biological Variation on analytes measured in Clinical Biochemistry Lab  
  • Critical analysis of Proficiency Testing in Clinical Biochemistry
  • Calibration frequency of all tests in Clinical Biochemistry. Is it a Quality Indicator?
  • Data analysis of Pediatric sample rejection 

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