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Medical education and research have changed over the years from descriptive studies to justification or program comparison studies and towards a slow introduction of more clarification studies that through quantitative and qualitative methods explains why or how educational interventions work. In addition, it is explained how incorporating research and education into workplace learning and assessment has impacted developments in educational practice. Within the medical domain, the involvement of teachers in conducting and disseminating research should be cherished, because they can play a crucial role in ensuring that medical education and research are applied in educational practices.

Workplace learning is considered by medical experts to be the optimal way of learning a profession. In medical curricula, workplace learning has played a dominant role for a long time. Workplace learning is potentially a very rich learning environment offering students many possibilities to interact with patients and medical experts and to participate in clinical practice. In order to diminish the gap between theory and practice and to create a more gradual transition from school-based learning to workplace learning, workplace learning is nowadays introduced earlier in many medical curricula.

It is a known fact that direct supervision in the workplace is the key to effective student learning. Quality of supervision has been demonstrated to have a direct impact on students’ clinical competencies. Insights about these shortcomings of workplace learning have led to the development of several interventions to optimize student learning, such as in-training assessment to provide learners with more feedback, structuring of workplace learning experiences, deepening the reflective component of learning based on (rich) information from others, etcetera. In addition, there has been increased awareness of the importance of training clinical staff members and providing them with new knowledge and skills for effective teaching and learning in the workplace. We take these issues deeply and construct a curriculum and training based on these factors.


MVRCCRI Academy was constituted in 2019 January, with the aim of imparting Medical Education to Postgraduate Medical students and also to extend hands-on training to other students who require job training, observership, and internship that are associated with the Medical field. 

National Board of Examination (NBE) Accredited Super Specialty courses: (Doctorate of National Board-DrNB)

National Board of Examinations (NBE) was established in 1975 by the Government of India with the prime objective of improving the quality of Medical Education by establishing high and uniform standards of postgraduate examinations in modern medicine on All India basis.

NBE conducts postgraduate and post-doctoral examinations in approved disciplines leading to the award of  Doctorate of National Board (DrNB),  Diplomat of National Board (DNB), and Fellow of National Board (FNB). NBE accredits institutions /hospitals having adequate infrastructure, facilities, faculty, and patient load as per stipulated accreditation norms for the training of candidates in various approved medical specialties.

In 2019 June, MVR  Academy got accredited to the National Board of Examinations (NBE)and has been running DrNB Medical Oncology,  DrNB Surgical Oncology, and FNB Pediatric Hemato Oncology, which are specialty courses accredited by NBE.  Thereafter, every year, enthusiastic and academically superior candidates have been choosing to join our DrNB and FNB courses.  DrNB is a post-MD/MS/DNB super specialty degree awarded by NBE. It is equal to Doctorate of Medicine (DM) and Master of Chirurgiae (MCh) degrees awarded respectively in medical and surgical super specialties.

DrNB Program(Medical Oncology) Post MD/DNB -2 seats per year DrNB Program (Surgical  Oncology) Post MS/DNB-2 seats per year FNB Program (Paediatric Hemato Oncology) Post MD/DNB -1 seat

PG Teachers / Guides 

Dr. Narayanankutty Warrier

Dr. Sreedharan P S

Dr. Sajeevan K V

Faculty/ Senior Consultant

Dr. Prasanth Parameshwaran

PG Teachers / Guides

Dr. Dileep Damodaran 

Dr.Syam Vikram 

Faculty / Senior Consultant

Dr. Deepak Damodaran 


Senior / Faculty  Consultant

Dr. Yamini Krishnan

Junior  Faculty  Consultant

Dr. Gazel S and Dr.Dilip Vallathol 

  • Onco imaging and Interventional Radiology: In 2020, we announced the commencement of our first post-doctoral in-house fellowship program in Onco imaging and Interventional Radiology, which saw huge responses from across the country and even outside of India. This Institutional Fellowship began on March 20th and has been continuing successfully.
  • From the current year onwards, the Department of Radiation Oncology will be conducting a one-year post-doctoral Fellowship in High Precision Radiation Oncology (FHPRO ). Qualification to this course is  MD/DNB in Radiation Oncology. Students who are appearing for their final year exam can also apply. The provisional date of starting the course is June 1st.
  • Department of Medical Physics and Radiation safety: Department of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety at MVRCCRI is conducting a one-year internship program in Medical Physics, qualification to which is Msc Physics + Dip RP or Msc Radiation Physics or equivalent. Selection to this program is through online written tests and interviews.

MVRCCRI Academy also extends internship and Observership opportunities in the following areas. Hundreds of students have successfully completed their observership and posting at our hospital which has helped them move forward in their medical careers with practical and hands-on exposure.

  1. Posting for MS General Surgery Students
  2. Posting for DNB Gynac Oncology
  3. Observership in Head and Neck Oncology - OMFS and OMR
  4. Posting / Project for MD Ayurveda Doctors of Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala
  5. Internship / Training for BSc Medical Microbiology, Msc Microbiology, MSc Biotechnology, and B tech Biotechnology students.
  6. Internship for Biomedical Engineering students.
  7. Group posting for Bsc MLT students 
  8. Group posting for Bsc MRT students at Radiotherapy and Radiodiagnosis departments 
  9. MSc Physics Project /posting 
  10. MSc Medical Physics Project /posting
  11. MSc Radiation Physics student posting 
  12. MRI Practical posting for students  of Medical Imaging Technician course 
  13. Internship for D Pharm students at Clinical Pharmacology Department 
  14. Training in Chemo mixing – for experienced  nurses / M Pharm graduates
  15. Posting for Msc Clinical research students
  16. Internship / Block Fieldwork for MSW students
  17. Observership for B Pharm students 
  18. Group posting for Bsc and Msc Nursing students
  19. Site visit for Biomedical Engineering and Architecture students
  20. Posting  for MHA / MBA students to Operations / HR / Accounts Departments
Physician Assistant-Oncology 1.5 YEARS CLOSED
Onco Nursing Certification 1 YEAR CLOSED
Medical Physics Internship 1 YEAR KNOW MORE


Postdoctoral Fellowship(Institutional) in Oncoimaging and Interventional Radiology 1 YEAR KNOW MORE

Fellowship in Radiotherapy  1 YEAR KNOW MORE

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